Top 10 E-commerce Mistakes To Avoid What Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Money
Written by Olav Vannik on Oct. 13th 2018
1. Poor customer service: The e-commerce market is very competitive. Customers expect more than just products from the websites. If the customer service is not good enough, customers may never return to the site again. However, a good customer service will leave a lasting impression and ensure that customers do keep coming back to the website and also recommend it to others.

2. Incomplete or inaccurate product descriptions: E-commerce sites are not like physical stores where a customer can look, touch and feel the product. On an e-commerce site, the customer is solely dependent on the description provided for the product to determine whether it matches their requirement or not. Incomplete or inaccurate descriptions can lead to negative customer reviews and loss of customers.

3. Non-professional product photos: People judge the products online based on the photos of the products. The product photos should be appealing and should look professional. This ensures that the customer chooses your product out of all the others that are available in the market.

4. Poor inventory management: Poor inventory management is often the downfall of most of the e-commerce websites. When a product is out of stock, the customer will approach one of your competitors and you lose business. When products go out of stock your cash flow also comes down to zero. Always have enough products in your inventory and ensure that no product is out of stock for a long duration.

5. Small profit margins: You should have a big enough profit margin to ensure that your business is not in a vulnerable position. If the profit margin is too small, then you may go bankrupt with just a small mistake. Small margins also limit the growth of your business.

6. Poor Quality of Products: When a customer looks at the product on the website and reads the description, they have a certain expectation from the product. And if the product they receive doesn't meet those expectations, you will lose a customer and the negative review from the customer can lead to further loss of business. Having good quality products ensures that your business is a long-term success.

7. Expensive Shipping: Free shipping attracts a lot of customers and high shipping charges have the opposite effect. A customer may like the product and want to buy it, but exorbitant shipping charges often act as a deterrent. You should offer free shipping as much as possible.

8. Complicated check-out procedure: There are many reasons why Amazon has a loyal customer base and one of them is their simple check-out procedure. If you expect the customer to fill in long forms and go through a complicated check-out procedure, they will get frustrated and give up ordering the product.

9. Poor Site Navigation: With so many different sites offering similar products, you have to ensure that customers love visiting your website. Easy navigation of the site ensures that the customer finds the product they want easily and doesn't have to search around much. You have to also ensure that the customer can easily find ongoing offers and apply filters to help improve their shopping experience.

10. Mobile friendly website: A lot of people prefer shopping from their mobile phones. It gives them the ability to shop from anywhere. Your site should have a mobile-friendly version that loads easily and makes shopping from the mobile phone and easy and enjoyable experience.

It is recommended that you avoid making all of the above mistakes to ensure that your business becomes a success. However, it is understandable that a few may occur. But when you do make a mistake, identify the problem and fix it immediately and never repeat it again. This will guarantee that the customer chooses to shop from your website instead of your competitors and your business becomes a booming success.

Really wise way to avoid all of these mistakes is to start selling on someone’s else platform. Nowadays we have an opportunity to sell products online on Amazon to millions of customers. No coding or programming is required. Amazon does all that for you! You just need to make sure you follow the right blueprint to get the best results possible. If you are interested to learn how to do it then look at my free case study.

Olav Vannik

Olav Vannik helps people start and grow successful Amazon FBA businesses. He is an expert at helping people to make a transition to start making money online. If you're interested in starting your own e-commerce business selling on Amazon then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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