How To Plan Your Time When Starting A Side Business?
Written by Olav Vannik on Jan. 17th 2019
Have you ever thought about starting a side business? Most people have but most people never start it. One of the biggest reasons is because they “think” that they don’t have enough time. 

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Why people think in certain ways and especially why people decide not to do the things what help them to improve their lives. 

The way we are today is the way we have created ourselves to be. Our whole organism and brain has got to used to it very comfortably so it’s quite hard to change. Especially when we grow older. Every time when we think about doing something extra, weather it's studying, workout or starting a side business then our brain tells us “Are you sure you want to do this?” because it’s uncomfortable for the body and brain. Then most of the times we try something for a day or two and then stop doing it. 

What we need to do is to control our brain and thoughts and tell them that you need to do these things because it’s important. 

How to plan your time when starting a business?

To start a side business then all you need to do is have few extra hours a day with 100% focus. To be honest you don’t even need “few” extra hours every day. One hour a day is enough. What you need to do in that one hour is to only be doing the things what are important to your business - no distractions. 

Most people get more done in that one our with extreme focus than some people in a full day at their job. 

What are the best hours to do the work?

Best hours to work on your side business would be early mornings because then nobody disturbs you. Some people might say I can’t wake up one hour earlier every morning because I am tried. My questions for you is…

Would you wake up one hour earlier every day for the next six months if the results would be guaranteed to you? 

Of course you would. Everybody would wake up one our earlier for six months or even a year if the results would be 100% guaranteed. 

That’s were most people go wrong. They want results before dedication. You can’t get results like that. It’s the other way around. First discipline and dedication - then you get the results. To do that you need to trick your brain and body. Take action despite the negative feeling or emotions. Your brain and body will always tell you not to do some things. Fight them back and do these things anyway. 


As you know then most people are having trouble planning their time when starting a side business. The best time to work with your side business is on the early mornings because then you don’t have any distractions. I encourage you to wake up one hour earlier every day and start a side business because that side business has the ability to change your whole life.

Olav Vannik

Olav Vannik helps people start and grow successful Amazon FBA businesses. He is an expert at helping people to make a transition to start making money online. If you're interested in starting your own e-commerce business selling on Amazon then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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